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Message from Principal

Message From Principal

Education plays a vital role in the overall development of a society. The role of education is definitely not confined to giving knowledge and theory. The true goal of education transcends much beyond just awarding degree and certificate to the students. The quest Of education is knowledge, humanity, culture, wisdom and sharpness. It should be noted that knowledge is not given but earned and character is not granted but cultivated.

I firmly believe that Amity Secondary School and College, is more than just a place to learn. It gives you chance to grow by equipping with everything you need to achieve excellence. We take pride to announce that our alumni are doing their best in different field of occupation nationally and internationally. We pay due respect to our erstwhile teachers who shared their expertise and knowledge to help us reach this stage. We ensure that our students get the best start to their future career to become smart and careful citizens of our glorious nation, Nepal.

The past few years has been unique and challenging in many ways. It challenged each one of us to not just shield ourselves from the deadly virus but also to adapt to the new ways of existence. The pandemic was inevitable since the virus was a potent one but there was also a need to quickly adjust to the unprecedented situation. As schools and colleges were forced to shut their physical gates for the young learners, they were quick to open on a digital platform.

I hope you are relaxed, recharged and ready to start a new school year. I am so delighted to welcome and value your positive energy and dedication to excellence in education. In order to accomplish our vision and mission, we are prepared to take as much effort as possible for the betterment of the academic scenario.

I wish you a very happy and academically highly rewarding student life at Amity and hope you will enhance the pride and prestige of this esteemed institution. We are determined to retain our superiority already in command and improve further in every sphere of academic activities including overall development of the students.

With best regards

(R.S. Dhakal)

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