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Welcome To Amity Education Foundation

Education for All Round PersonalityDevelopment

We aim to meet the challenge of specific educational outcome goals for students as well as developing creative, resilient, independent, flexible and socially adept young people where ‘Education for All Round Personality Development’ becomes a reality.

Your child is a very special individual who needs a happy, secure and challenging environment in which to grow. A child’s natural curiosity to explore his-her world gives teachers the basis on which to build learning experiences that will provide solid foundation for the early years of schooling. For parents it is vital that your child receives an excellent start to schooling in a friendly, caring and family atmosphere. Amity Secondary School is committed to provide such environment. The Foundation envisioned to make similar commitments to enhance the standard and outcomes in graduation level as well.

R.S Dhakal


About Amity

We Are One Of The Most Diverse College In Jhapa With Over 10,000 Students

Amity College endowed with progressive futuristic outlook aims continual growth in the quality of all academic activities with a sense Of commitment to fully meet the expectations of the students, parents and the society at large.

Our Motto

Education for All Round Personality Development                                              

Amity Goals

Self- discipline and self-worth
Respect for others
Co-operative learning and living skills.

What We Provide

At Amity Education Foundation, we offer top-notch academics, modern facilities, and personalized guidance for all-round development and a successful future.


Student Life

Vibrant student life at Amity - All-round development, engaging activities, supportive environment, bright future.


Art & Clubs

Amity fosters vibrant arts and clubs, igniting creativity and personal growth.


Sports & Fitness

Amity promotes sports and fitness, encouraging active lifestyles and overall well-being.


Successfully Complete Your Degree at Amity College

Achieve success with Amity Education’s comprehensive degree programs. Prepare for a bright future with quality education and all-round development.

Core Academic Disciplines

Specialized Subjects

Business and Management

Practical Skills Development

All-Round Personality Development

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Start Your New Career With Amity

Scholarship Programs

Amity Education Foundation offers attractive merit scholarship awards to those students who have excelled in board examinations, namely; SEE, NEB and TU.

Career Opportunities

Amity Education Foundation provides diverse career opportunities in finance, business, hospitality, IT, and tourism, ensuring students' all-round development for success in their chosen fields.

Our Lecturers

Competent Instructors And Lecturers

Amity Education Foundation boasts highly competent instructors and lecturers. With their expertise and dedication, students receive top-quality education, empowering them for future success.

R.S. Dhakal


Binod Shah


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We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life


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